Big Bear’s beloved bald eagle Jackie lays second egg of 2023

This eagle duo is certainly not taking it easy.

Jackie and Shadow, the resident eagle couple of the San Bernardino Mountains, welcomed a second egg on Saturday, Jan. 14.

The second egg arrived just three days after the first egg of 2023 showed up in the nest near Big Bear Lake.

One of the Big Bear eagles checks on the two eggs laying in the nest in Big Bear on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023. (Courtesy of the Friends of Big Bear Valley)

The hatching period for the bald eagle is typically 35 to 38 days of incubation, according to Friends of Big Bear Valley, which hosts a livestream of the nest.

The first egg is due to hatch a day after Valentine’s Day. Viewers can celebrate love with the birds of prey by joining the “pip watch” through the livestream.

The rise to fame for Jackie, and subsequently Shadow, started with the livestream — the Big Bear Bald Eagle Nest Cam on YouTube.

The Friends of Big Bear Valley is a nonprofit run by Sandy Steers. The nonprofit remains devoted to preserving and protecting local wildlife, and runs the nest cam, which keeps many hopeful observers invested in the lives of the eagle family.

Activity started in the nest in 2012 with another pair of lovebird eagles — Lucy and Ricky. The cam following their antics did not debut until 2015.

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Jackie became the star of the show in 2017. Some observers suggest she may have been the very first chick in the nest. The hatching tradition continues on this year.

“Everybody is excited, waiting to see the eggs hatch — and also, the dedication of Jackie and Shadow,” Steers said.

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