Bystander rescues child swept away in the Santa Ana Riverbed

A bystander rescued a child from the Santa Ana Riverbed in the Fairview Street area of Santa Ana on Sunday after the boy was swept half a mile down the river, officials said.

Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Thanh Nguyen said the boy was playing with two other children near the riverbed before he was swept away after getting too close to the water’s edge. The child’s father jumped into the riverbed, along with another relative, but the two men were also swept down the riverbed.

Around 2:05 p.m., firefighters launched a swift water rescue response before a bystander jumped in and rescued the child. Nguyen said the boy was treated by firefighter paramedics, was sent to the hospital and was reported to be stable. The other two men swam safely back to shore.

Despite the break from rainfall, the OCFA said there may still be water flowing throughout waterways in the county.

“We strongly recommend everyone stay clear. It doesn’t take a lot of water to wash people downriver where there are many dangerous hazards,” Nguyen said.

Authorities did not receive the name of the bystander who rescued the child and said they left afterward.

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