California Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Reparations According to New Poll

By: D.T. Carson

      While a majority of Black voters favor cash reparations for the descendants of slaves, a new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies Poll (co-sponsored by the L.A. Times) has found that 59% of California voters oppose cash payments.  

      Ironically, 60% of California voters felt that the legacy of slavery was affecting the position of the state’s Black residents, with 27% believing that it had a great deal of impact. 31% felt it had no impact at all.

      The poll also found that Latinos and Asians were significantly less likely than Blacks and whites to haveeven heard of the efforts of the California Reparations Task Force, with only 46% of Latinos and 50% of Asiansdisplaying awareness, compared to 73% of Black and white respondents.

      “The findings reveal the racial and political contradictions of California voters,” said Institute of Governmental Studies Co-Director Christina Mora. “While many can empathize with the plight of Black Americans, not all of thesefeelings will translate into support for policies that address longstanding racial harms. And though this might be aninformation issue for some groups, the fact that even liberals are divided indicates that campaigns for racial redress willface a steep uphill climb.”

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