Caltrans has a new mascot – and kids can help name it to win a prize

Caltrans is offering youngsters a change to name its new mascot — an anthropomorphic traffic cone.

Traffic cones play an important role in California streets and highways by acting as indicators for drivers to reduce speed, be extra alert, watch out, and move over to the next lane to create safe conditions for highway workers, law enforcement, emergency personnel or tow truck drivers.

With such importance, Caltrans — which stands for the California Department of Transportation — made a traffic cone the agency’s mascot.

But it’s currently nameless.

So Caltrans launched the student contest.

Here are the rules:

If you’re between the ages of 5 and 18 and attend a school in California, create a catchy name for the new mascot.
Submit your entry at by January 20, 2023.
If yours is selected, you win a laptop, a $500 gift card, a $500 gift card for your class, Go Safely mascot t-shirts for your entire classroom, and a mascot visit to the winning classroom.

A panel of judges will weigh the submissions and determine the winner — so make sure to catch they’re eyes.

You could go with a pun, perhaps, such as Leonard Cone. Or maybe make a film reference: Mr. Conehead. Alliteration is also a strong way to go when naming mascots: Peter Pylon, Carolina Cone or even Terry the Traffic Cone.

Just make it fun!

Winners will be announced by Jan. 31.

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