City Protections Against Evictions Continue for Qualifying City Renters

(Five Facts Los Angeles City Renters Should Know)

      The City of Los Angeles remains committed to providing tenant protections to help decrease the chances of residents being evicted from their homes, adding to housing insecurity and the City’s unhoused crisis. Tenants continue to have City protections for unpaid COVID-19 rental debt through extended eviction protections until August 1, 2023, specifically addressing rental debt incurred between March 2020 and January 31, 2023.

      It is also important for tenants to know they are at risk of unfavorable consequences if they fail to respond to an unlawful detainer, including eviction and the impact of an eviction record on their credit report. Responding promptly to an unlawful detainer, also known as an eviction notice, is crucial to safeguard tenant rights. Failure to file an answer with the court could lead to a “default judgment” against the tenant, essentially meaning that the case has been lost and the tenant can be locked out of their home.

      Ann Sewill, General Manager of the City of Los Angeles Housing Department stated, “The LA Housing Department joins the Mayor in her commitment to keeping Angelenos informed and housed. There are many protections that exist for tenants such as additional time to pay COVID related rental arrears and protection from eviction due to additional tenants or pets until February 1, 2024. Rent increases for units covered by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance are also limited until February 1, 2024.” She continued, “It is important for L.A. City residents to inform themselves of the systems and guidelines in place to help them stay in their homes and avoid evictions. It is about being informed, being protected, and being at home,” she explained.

      The City’s goal is to inform tenants of their residential rental rights and provide information to help them stay in their homes and avoid evictions. Here are five facts residents should always remember when it involves renter protections:

1.     Tenants cannot be evicted without a reason or just cause.

2.     Take immediate action if you receive an eviction notice or unlawful detainer from a landlord for unpaid rent.

3.     Tenants have five days to respond to an unlawful detainer.

4.     No-fault evictions have resumed as of February 1, 2023.

5.     Rent increases for units covered by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance are limited until February 1, 2024.

      Through the extension of eviction protections, encouragement of prompt response to unlawful detainers, and regulations on rent increases, the City aims to ensure housing stability for all residents.

      To learn more about your rights, call (866) 557-RENT or visit

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