Clemency probe confirms Kevin Cooper’s guilt, again: Letters to the Editor

It was hard to miss the loaded headline regarding a convicted psychopathic killer titled “Clemency Probe Fails to Exonerate Kevin Cooper.”
It just goes to show that this was intended as a politically motivated exoneration project and not as a search for objective truth. A better and more accurate headline should have read DNA Tests Confirm Kevin Cooper’s Guilt, Again.
This recent probe further proves Cooper’s guilt to a degree of accuracy that more than meets the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt. There is a better chance of you having the recent billion dollar MegaMillions ticket than of Kevin Cooper actually being innocent.
Yet for decades, Californians have put up with the sound and fury emanating from left-wing Hollywood activists and from liberal mainstream media outlets promoting Cooper’s fantasy-world innocence.
Enough is enough. Kevin Cooper was an escaped fugitive prisoner who committed four heinous murders, while leaving another child for dead. He was tried, convicted, and he should receive the sentence that is commensurate to his brutal crimes.
Americans of all stripes seek a return to normalcy for our criminal justice system. Left-wing social justice schemes only promote chaos, endanger the public, and deny justice to victims and survivors.
Kevin Cooper merits the death penalty … he earned it.
Thank you for your time and consideration
– Rick Reiss, Temecula
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