Dismissal Denied, Jonathan Majors Case Is Headed to Trial


      As a result of the legal issues surrounding actor Jonathan Majors and the on- going Screen Actors Guild strike, Disney has removed Magazine Dreams, a critically acclaimed film starring Majors, indefinitely from its film calendar. The film—thought to have earned Majors Oscar award consideration— was set to bow in theaters on December 8.

      A New York Supreme Court Judge recently denied Majors’ legal team a request to dismiss the case and has set a November 29 start date for his domestic violence trial. The judge also revealed that the defense wants to shield details about the case from the public view. 

      Seth Zuckerman, a member of Majors’ legal team, said, “To not shield this aspect of the case would only lead to such intense media scrutiny that would compromise his client’s right to a fair trial.” Majors is currently facing misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment> If convicted, he faces a year behind bars from the incident at his Chelsea apartment on March 25, 

      Despite being the one to call 911, Majors was arrested after NYPD officers discovered multiple injuries, including a laceration and a finger fracture, on his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. Released within hours after an initial hearing, Majors entered a plea of not guilty. 

      Surfacing reports following the incident have painted Majors as volatile, controlling physically intimidating and aggressive. The actor is currently dating actress Meagan Good.

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