Disneyland fans blast plans for Splash Mountain makeover as ‘tedious’ and ‘boring’

Disneyland and Disney World fans nervously awaiting Princess Tiana’s takeover of Splash Mountain on both coasts are worried the new water ride is starting to sound more like an elevator pitch for a boring business venture than a fun-filled bayou adventure.

Walt Disney Imagineering announced the transformation of Splash Mountain in Anaheim and Florida way back in 2020 and the creative arm of the company has been teasing out details ever since about the new backstory for the twin attractions debuting in late 2024.

The latest reveal for the princess takeover of Splash Mountain has left fans scratching their heads rather than building buzz for the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure log ride coming to Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom.

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According to the backstory, the entrepreneurial restaurateur has started Tiana’s Foods as an “employee-owned cooperative” and “multi-faceted enterprise” in an old salt mine that has been transformed into a boutique farm with teaching kitchens.

“This is one heck of an elevator pitch or cover letter for a small business administration loan, but it doesn’t sound like a very exciting ride,” according to MousePlanet. “So far, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure sounds like a good Business Week feature, but not something I’m eager to make a Lightning Lane reservation for.”

Concept art of the “Princess and the Frog” makeover of Splash Mountain. (Courtesy of Disney)

MiceChat initially thought swapping in “Princess and the Frog” characters, music and special effects would be the “perfect fit” for Splash Mountain.

“The story really has us shaking our heads and wondering if perhaps Imagineering has lost control of this project,” according to MiceChat. “There is way too much backstory about restaurants and ingredients and nothing about drama and thrill.”

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Disney doesn’t need to write an unnecessary sequel to the popular 2009 film for the new theme park rides, according to MiceChat.

“Someone please call Bob Iger and beg him to take a look at what’s going on with this seemingly misguided project,” according to MiceChat. “There’s a real opportunity for this to be a great ride. Why purposely make it sound so boring?”

Commenters on the official Disney Parks Blog blasted the attraction backstory as bland, underwhelming and uninspiring.

“Is there a section on the ride where Tiana has to visit the permitting office and fill out the proper tax forms?” a user named Bishop wrote on the Disney Parks Blog. “Could this ride be any more tedious?”

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The reimagining of the rides will remove thematic elements related to “Song of the South” — the controversial 1940s animated and live action film criticized for perpetuating racist stereotypes that has been disowned by Disney.

“If there’s a conflict driving this story, Disney’s new details don’t really reveal it,” according to Theme Park Insider. “Given that Disney is trying hard to distance itself from the divisive history behind ‘Song of the South,’ I would not be surprised to see Disney’s Imagineers write a less conflict-driven narrative for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.”

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Amid all the vitriol, hard-core Disney defenders are urging detractors to give Tiana’s Bayou Adventure a chance — especially since the ride won’t open for more than a year.

“Everyone really needs to calm down,” a user named Fred wrote on the Disney Parks Blog. “So far, Disney has kept the actual ride experience largely under wraps.”

The Magic Kingdom version of Splash Mountain closed in January with fans waiting in 4-hour lines to wish farewell to the venerable log ride. Disneyland has not yet announced a closing date for the attraction.

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