Dodger fan apparently knocked unconscious in stadium brawl

A chaotic fight between fans leaving Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, May 16, left one man knocked unconscious, video of the brawl appears to show.

Cellphone video, obtained by KTLA 5, shows a group of Dodgers fans wrestling with one another and throwing punches. It appears four men were directly involved.

At one point, a man charged another, who swung and hit the first man in the face, sending him tumbling to the ground. The man hit his head on the pavement, with others rushing to help him.

The video was taken by another fan attending the game, a 5-1 loss to the Minnesota Twins,  who told KTLA the fighting fans appeared to be intoxicated. He said the fight occurred as attendees were headed to the parking lot after the game.

One man was detained by police at the scene. But there were no arrests made — the Los Angeles Police Department said none of the people involved cooperated with police.

Officer Jader Chaves said no report of an assault was made in the area of Dodgers Stadium on Tuesday night.

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