Dodger Stadium workers ratify new labor contract

Concession workers at Dodger Stadium have ratified a new labor contract that will give some employees a $13-an-hour pay increase and boost wages for 75% of the workers to $30 an hour by the end of the 2024 baseball season.

Ninety-eight percent of the more than 1,500 employees, represented by Unite Here Local 11, voted to ratify the contract late Wednesday. They are employed by Levy Restaurants, a wholly owned subsidiary of Britain’s Compass Group.

Their previous contract expired in 2020.

“This is a historic day for Dodger Stadium workers,” said Susan Minato, co-president of United Here Local 11. “As the team goes on to play for the top prize in baseball, the workers who serve the food and pour the drinks have also won.”

Wages for all workers will increase by at least $10 an hour, the union said, but a wide swath of employees — including stand workers, dishwashers and cooks — will see their hourly pay rise by $13.

A minimum guaranteed hourly tip of $8 will help boost employee wages, union members said. As an example, a concession worker who was was earning $18.14 an hour under the 2020 labor contract will now make $30.94 an hour.

Culinary specialists who currently make $25.09 an hour will see their wages jump to $34.64, and beer tappers’ hourly pay will go from $24.21 to $32.66.

Cheryl Angustain, who has worked four seasons in concessions at Dodger Stadium, will soon be earning $30 per hour under the new labor agreement.

“With these new raises, I will finally be able to afford an apartment of my own, instead of sharing a room,” she said. “This contract will change my life.”

Others will see even bigger increases.

A concession worker who currently earns $18.14 an hour under the 2020 labor contract will now make $30.94 an hour. (Photo courtesy of Unite Here Local 11)

Sabrina Macias, who manages a stand that serves everything from Dodger Dogs and spicy chicken sandwiches to flaming hot nachos and bacon-wrapped Cheetos, will see her paycheck jump to $37 an hour by the end of the contract.

She currently makes $20 to $25 an hour, depending on how many workers she manages at any given time.

“This will help out so much,” the 52-year-old Baldwin Park resident said. “It’s going to help maintain a standard of live where we’re not struggling.”

Workers also won additional retroactive pay in recognition of service during COVID-19, as well as increased funding for their pensions and healthcare.

“The pension an employee gets is determined by several factors, including how many years you’ve worked and how old you are,” Minato said. “In this case, the company agrees to pay a certain number of cents for every hour an employee worked. It was 43 cents, but it will be 68 cents in 2023 and $1.18 in 2024, so that’s almost three times as much.”

Levy has also agreed to reduce its reliance on the use of temporary employees by 80% by the end of the new contract, which expires Jan. 31, 2025.

Andy Hernandez, who has worked in concessions at Dodger Stadium since 2013, was recently promoted to an assistant lead position and will also be averaging around $30 an hour under the new labor agreement.

“I feel appreciated under the new contract and not under-valued,” the 55-year-old Los Angeles resident said.

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