Dodgers’ Mookie Betts avoids ‘haunted’ Milwaukee hotel by staying in Airbnb

MILWAUKEE — While in Milwaukee, the Dodgers are staying at a local hotel known for stories of being haunted. But not Mookie Betts.

Betts is staying with some friends who rented an Airbnb for the series “just in case” the ghost stories are true.

“It was a good excuse (not to stay there),” Betts said.

Betts said he doesn’t necessarily believe in ghosts. But he doesn’t want to find out the hard way that he’s wrong.

“You can tell me what happened after,” he said. “I just don’t want to find out myself.”

The Milwaukee hotel is one of two ‘haunted’ hotels that many MLB teams use. The other is in St. Petersburg, Florida, where the Dodgers will play the Tampa Bay Rays later this season. Betts said he has stayed at both before and never experienced anything out of the paranormal.

“But I couldn’t sleep,” Betts said. “Every noise, I’d be like, ‘Is that something?’”

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