Endorsements: California statewide office for November 2022 election

You likely know how you’ll vote for governor, but what about California’s other statewide races? After interviewing the candidates, and considering their positions on the issues, the Southern California News Group’s Editorial Board is making these endorsements for the November 2022 election.

You can read our full endorsements in the links below to understand our reasons for our decisions.

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Lieutenant Governor

Eleni Kounalakis has lived up to her campaign promises from four years ago, and has done a fine job as lieutenant governor, earning re-election and your vote.

Eleni Kounalakis for lieutenant governor

Secretary of State

Shirley Weber, who became secretary of state after Alex Padilla was appointed to the U.S. Senate, is doing an important job with vigor and should be returned to office.

Shirley Weber for secretary of state

Attorney GeneralAlthough Rob Bonta has been on the job a relatively short time, he has amassed a solid record as being fair-minded – something the previous two attorney generals were not. Bonta deserves your support in November.

Rob Bonta for state attorney general

State Controller

Lanhee Chen would bring competence and independence to the office of controller, the state’s official accountant. He has drawn support from across the political spectrum, and deserves your vote.

Lanhee Chen for state controller

State Treasurer

Jack Guerrero has an impressive resume, which includes helping expose a financial scandal in his city. He also has the financial background and fiscal know-how to become California’s next state treasurer.

Jack Guerrero for state treasurer

Superintendent of Public Instruction

California has the lowest literacy rate of any state, according to a recent survey – one reason why our broken education system needs a major shakeup. Electing Lance Christensen the next superintendent of public instruction would provide just that.

Lance Christensen for state superintendent of public instruction

Insurance Commissioner

Here’s why our opinion team didn’t endorse anyone in the California Insurance Commissioner race.

No endorsement for insurance commissioner

U.S. Senate

Sen. Alex Padilla is is a champion for voting rights, and a proud and passionate advocate for Southern California, where he’s from. He very much deserves your vote, says The Editorial Board.

Alex Padilla for U.S. Senate

Statewide ballot measures

No on Proposition 26
No on Proposition 27
Yes on Proposition 28
No on Proposition 29
No on Proposition 30
No on Proposition 31

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