Family of Shanquella Robinson Asks Biden to Intervene in Bringing Those Responsible for Their Daughter’s Death


D.T. Carson

Over five months have passed since 25-year old Shanquella Robinson was beaten to death at a Mexican resort by one– perhaps even two— of her traveling companions. A video of the beating serving as proof of what happened to the 25-year old burgeoning entrepreneur went viral, captivating Americans and sparking headlines in every major media outlet across the country, from the Washington Post and New York Times to CNN.

And while an arrest warrant was issued for one of the six in November, no one has been taken into custody or charged in the case and authorities have not released the names of Robinson’s friends. By the time, Mexican officials opened an investigation, all of the six “friends” who’d traveled to Mexico with Robinson had returned to the U.S. and despite the national media coverage have not spoken publicly on what happened.

Frustrated in their efforts to get U.S. authorities to take action, the family turned to a legal team that includes famed attorney Benjamin Crump and have sent a letter to President Biden.

“My clients recognize that the U.S. government has many priorities and responsibilities, but believe that intervening, in this case, would not only serve the interests of justice, but also send a clear message that transnational criminal activities will not be tolerated,” the letter stated.

“Given the nature and scope of this case, we believe that diplomatic intervention from the U.S. Government could help facilitate the necessary cooperation and coordination between the involved parties to ensure that justice is served timely, that the accused are tried under the appropriate legal system, that extradition is possible, and that international cooperation is fostered.

“The United States can follow the extradition protocol and turn over the individual or individuals responsible for Shanquella’s death to Mexican Authorities,” the letter continued. “Alternatively, U.S. federal law enforcement agencies can request concurrent jurisdiction with Mexican law enforcement agencies which would permit U.S. prosecutors to bring the case in the United States as the involved parties are U.S. Citizens. We have just witnessed what a swift concurrent response from Mexican and U.S. law enforcement agencies looks like in the kidnapping case of a group of U.S. Citizens at Matamoros, Tamaulipas Mexico. Both scenarios we are requesting on behalf of Shanquella Robinson’s family require a high level of swift diplomatic intervention.”

“In our letter to President Biden and Secretary Blinken, we clearly stated that one of two things needs to happen: either the U.S. extradites Shanquella’s killer to Mexico or the U.S. takes jurisdiction of the case and her killer is prosecuted her,” Crump said. “Inaction is not acceptable in this case. Shanquella’s family deserves swift justice for her death.”

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