Flowers, family, Shake Shack, ‘John Wick 4’: readers anticipate 2023

Name one thing you are looking forward to in 2023, I asked. You answered in great numbers. It’s a pandemic-era idea of mine. 2020 was so dreadful that I asked what made you hopeful for 2021, and then for 2022.

And now for 2023. Sunday’s column was devoted to your funny, sweet, poignant replies. Less than half made it in. Here’s a follow-up to take care of most of the rest.

Molly Godfrey, Upland: “I’m looking forward to seeing live music and smelling jasmine flowers in the summer!”

Susan Strother Carrier, Pomona: “I’m looking forward to celebrating my third ‘lungaversary,’ three years since my double lung transplant. And taking lots of deep, life-affirming breaths with my strong, new lungs.”

Stop and smell the flowers, be they jasmine or roses, is good advice for us all.

Karen Hughes, Hemet: “Going to see my son and daughter-in-law in Oregon. Haven’t been there since he got his degree about 10 years ago.”

Gloria Perry, Jurupa Valley: “Having no outstanding debt, just regular bills.”

Larry Rinehart, Upland: “Living another year free of Covid.”

I hope you’re not jinxing yourself, Larry.

Karen Jones, Alta Loma: “Taking more vacations!”

Sheri Blem Reneau, Chino: “Looking forward to having the freedom to travel more via long road trips and a few flights.”

Jonnie Jean Owens, Claremont: “Visiting Finland, the home of my paternal grandmother’s parents.”

An Arizona contingent was heard from.

Marilee Weiss, formerly of Pomona, now of Sedona: “Living our best lives, being ourselves, in Sedona.”

From Pomona to Sedona. More city names should rhyme.

Christia Gibbons, formerly of Riverside, now of Tempe: “Getting my knees fixed.”

Bob House, formerly of Claremont, now of Phoenix: “At my age, 75, I’m just looking forward to all 12 months.”

Karen Ruth Karlsson, Pomona: “In the mundane category, I’m looking forward to enrolling in Medicare and (mostly) ditching commercial health insurance.”

Pamela Adams, Cal Poly Pomona: “I’ve been on medical/work from home since August. I want to get back to the office.”

Nikol, Los Angeles: “Reconnecting with my kids who had to take a break from me this year when I had a serious mental breakdown. I got professional help. They’re finally talking to me again.”

Ann Shriner Thomas, Upland: “I honestly cannot wait for 2022 to be OVER. This past year has been one of loss and pain. I hope 2023 just brings some peace and closure for several outstanding things. Happy New Year, David. I hope your 2023 brings a lot more fun columns!”

I share your hope, Ann.

Debra Eazell Diurba, Rancho Cucamonga: “Losing our band leader and Upland’s ambassador of music and all things cool, Roach Foronda, in January was a tough one. Looking forward to playing locally again with the band. Hoping we make him proud.”

Carl Landkammer, Upland: “Opening day for Eastern Sierra fishing!”

Susie Eaton Thorp, formerly of Pomona, now of Pioneertown: “I’m looking forward to Modernism Week in February. My place of work, the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, is on the tour.” (It’s the largest collection of Lloyd Wright, son of Frank, buildings in the world.)

Jennifer Silvestri, Lake Arrowhead: “Looking forward to our Antarctica expedition and crossing the Drake Passage!”

Art Murphy, Moreno Valley: “In 2023 my wife Deb and I are going to the RV resort Silent Valley Club to fish in the pond, ride bikes over the 600 acres and walk in the 3,500-foot elevation among the beautiful, green, giant pine trees. Silent Valley is beautiful and we’re all in!”

Art is makin’ some noise about Silent Valley.

Arthur Weinstein, Claremont: “Happy New Year. I am looking forward to finally getting to Langer’s Deli.”

After you go, we’ll kibitz.

David Ybarra, Pomona: “A better understanding with the mayor and some councilmembers toward indigenous people. Remember whose land you walk on.”

Kristine Scott, Rancho Cucamonga: “Looking forward to Shake Shack opening in Rancho.”

I second that emotion.

Work is underway last summer on a Shake Shack in Rancho Cucamonga’s Victoria Gardens. Even a councilmember says its opening is what she’s most looking forward to in 2023. (Photo by Fielding Buck, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

Bobby Little, Rancho Cucamonga: “‘Oppenheimer,’ ‘John Wick 4,’ ‘Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning.’”

Ethan H., Claremont: “King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard at the Hollywood Bowl, June 21. I’m out of my MIND with excitement. Their April ’22 show in Pomona was the stuff of legends, and I can’t wait to see them on L.A.’s most glamorous stage.”

They’ve played Pomona, but have they played Sedona?

Bud Weisbart, Corona: “For our two grandchildren in their second year this month of being adopted at now four and five years, a new world that continues to open up to them every moment of their lives.”

Merritt Humphrey Verrill, Ontario: “I’m looking forward to, God willing, celebrating my 60th birthday!”

Doris Platt, Pomona: “At 91, just putting one foot in front of the other and keeping on going!!”

Susan Radder, Chino: “At age 94, I’m mostly looking forward to waking up each day, now keenly aware that ‘Nothing should be more highly prized than the value of each day’ (Goethe).”

Susan adds: “As an aside, I hope that 2023 will bring you many more happy times at bookstores, record shops, coffee houses and ballparks.”

And at our first local Shake Shack too, please!

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I put this hopes-for-2023 query at the end of a column near the holidays and got a half-dozen emails, but the vast majority of the response came when I posed it to social media, most of it from Facebook.

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I was a little sorry that not a single response came in from San Bernardino, Fontana or Redlands, and only two from Riverside. Either people there aren’t on my Facebook page or they have nothing to look forward to in life — or both?

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