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LADWP Officially Names New General Manager

Elgin Nelson

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously confirmed Janisse Quiñones, a former Pacific Gas and Electric executive, as the new general manager of the Department of Water and Power, with an annual salary of $750,000, nearly double that of her predecessor. The decision followed a nationwide search prompted by the retirement of Martin Adams, the previous general manager. Council President Paul Krekorian emphasized the significance of the appointment, highlighting the pivotal role of DWP leadership in the city. Quiñones expressed her commitment to understanding department priorities, including energy efficiency and equitable service delivery. Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez stressed the importance of transparency and urged Quiñones to proceed cautiously. The council also endorsed the salary set by the Board of Water and Power Commissioners. Mayor Karen Bass praised Quiñones’ experience and leadership qualities, citing her track record in the utility and engineering industries. Quiñones expressed gratitude for the nomination, pledging to prioritize reliable, clean, and sustainable utilities. Bass thanked Adams for his service to the city.

City of Los Angeles Mourns Sam Rubin, Beloved Entertainment Journalist

Elgin Nelson

Longtime KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin, aged 64, passed away suddenly, as announced by the station during its “Morning News” program on Friday. While the cause of death remains unconfirmed, KTLA described it as sudden. Remembered as a giant in local news and a fixture of Los Angeles morning television for decades, Rubin was celebrated for his laugh, charm, and caring personality. He leaves behind his cherished roles as a loving husband and father. Having joined KTLA in 1991 after working at KTTV, Rubin’s colleagues mourned his loss on air, recalling his vibrant personality and unmatched broadcasting talent. Just days after Rubin’s passing, his son Colby, paid tribute by joining KTLA for the morning news, sharing heartfelt memories and messages, including a touching note left under his father’s desk and a poignant text conversation. Rubin is survived by his wife and four children.

Internet Personality DJ Akademiks Facing Sexual Assault Allegations in New Lawsuit

Elgin Nelson

Livingston Allen, known as internet personality DJ Akademiks, faces accusations of rape and defamation in a recent lawsuit filed in Essex County court, according to PIX11 News. The plaintiff, Fauziya Abashe, alleges that she was invited to Allen’s New Jersey home on July 16, 2022, under pretenses and encountered two unidentified men upon arrival. Allegedly, Allen had informed these men of Abashe’s presence suggestively without her knowledge. Despite Abashe declining a drink offered by one of the men, they pressured her to consume alcohol and subsequently subjected her to forced shots and sexual assault, both in the hot tub and later in the pool. Abashe reported waking up to Allen assaulting her and later viewing surveillance footage of the assaults with Allen, who refused to provide her with the complete video. The lawsuit includes alleged text messages between Abashe and Allen detailing the assault. Authorities became involved, arranging a recorded phone call during which Allen reportedly described the events in graphic detail. Allen went on social media on Tuesday and stated the incident. “I have zero comment beyond what I’ve said before that you can use on the record. I have to just go by my lawyers. Again, if I tell y’all I’ve been criminally clear, y’all gonna be like, well, that doesn’t mean anything—at this point, it will be determined in court, and I’m very confident.”

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