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Oprah Winfrey Hospitalized, Recovering from Stomach Virus

Elgin Nelson

Oprah Winfrey, 70, was hospitalized with a severe stomach virus on June 11, leading her to miss a scheduled appearance on CBS Mornings to announce her latest book club pick. During the broadcast, Gayle King explained that Winfrey experienced severe symptoms and dehydration, necessitating an IV. King reassured viewers that Winfrey, who was set to make an appearance on the show, is recovering and feeling better each day. A spokesperson confirmed this, and King emphasized Winfrey’s disappointment about missing the appearance.

Kendrick Lamar Makes Surprise Speech At Compton College Graduation

Elgin Nelson

Kendrick Lamar surprised the class of 2024 at Compton College last week with a commencement address, praising the city’s unmatched talent and the graduates’ “courage to be independent thinkers.” A Compton native and winner of a Pulitzer Prize and 17 Grammys, Lamar has spoken about his experiences with gang violence and his affinity for poetry discovered in the city’s public schools. His surprise appearance, announced by Compton College president Dr. Keith Curry 45 minutes into the ceremony, shocked and delighted the graduates, who stood, applauded, and took photos as Lamar walked to the podium. Lamar left the students with parting words of wisdom that life begins after graduation, “I want y’all to go out here, celebrate yourself, enjoy yourself, he told the crowd. “Or keep that spirit within you, because it don’t stop. From here, it don’t stop.”

Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyers File Appeal of L.A. Rape Conviction

Elgin Nelson

Harvey Weinstein’s legal team is appealing his 16-year prison sentence, arguing he did not receive a fair trial when convicted of rape and sexual assault in Los Angeles in February 2023. The appeal, filed on June 7 in California’s Second District Court of Appeal, claims the judge denied Weinstein his constitutional rights to present a defense and excluded crucial evidence. Weinstein’s publicist stated that the appeal highlights numerous legal missteps, calling the trial a miscarriage of justice. The conviction involved a woman known as Jane Doe #1, who alleged Weinstein raped her during the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival in 2013. Weinstein’s previous 2020 convictions in New York for similar charges were recently overturned. Jane Doe #1’s lawyer, Dave Ring, expressed confidence that the appeal would be denied, maintaining that the trial court made correct evidentiary rulings.

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