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Hip-Hop Legend Dr. Dre Suffered Three Strokes Since 2021 Brain Aneurysm

Elgin Nelson

Hip-hop legend Dr. Dre, who faced health scares following a brain aneurysm in January 2021, recently shared his experience on SiriusXM’s “This Life of Mine with James Corden” podcast. During his hospitalization at Cedars Sinai, Dre suffered three strokes and recounted blacking out before being rushed to urgent care, where doctors diagnosed the severity of his condition. Despite his active lifestyle, Dre was unaware of his high blood pressure, often referred to as the “silent killer” in Black men. While the incident didn’t prompt drastic changes, it did deepen his appreciation for life. As he prepares to receive his Hollywood Walk of Fame star next to longtime friend Snoop Dogg, Dre reflects on the profound impact of the ordeal.

City of L.A.’s Trailblazing Women Commemorate Women’s History Month

Elgin Nelson

Jennifer Tobkin, Chair of the City Attorney Women’s Association (“CAWA”), co-hosted an event with City Attorney Feldstein Soto for Women’s History Month, highlighting their mission to support women’s career development and engagement within the L.A. City Attorney’s Office. Celebrating the strength and diversity of women, the reception welcomed approximately 50 women. Tobkin emphasized the significance of events like this in fulfilling their mission and bringing attention to the vital work of the Downtown Women’s Center in empowering women experiencing homelessness.“City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto is a mighty leader who I am proud to call a friend, and I am also so proud to serve with another mighty lady, Fire Chief Kristin Crowley. Please give these two mighty ladies a round of applause,” said Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass during today’s event. “ Thank you to the women and the residents of the Downtown Women’s Center. Know that we do not forget you, and we want to continue to support you until you are fully back on your feet, integrated back into the world and we’re there to celebrate your success.”

NBA Superstar Lebron James Releases New Weekly Podcast 

Elgin Nelson

LeBron James and JJ Redick have announced their collaboration on a podcast titled “Mind the Game,” aiming to provide an organic, in-depth conversation about basketball. The show, which will feature weekly episodes lasting 45 minutes to an hour, seeks to depart from traditional sports talk shows like ESPN’s “First Take,” focusing instead on deeper insights into basketball strategy and gameplay. The duo have already recorded two episodes, discussing topics such as defensive strategies. Redick, who retired from playing three years ago, has transitioned into a full-time media career, while James, with his legendary status, is gearing up for a possible playoff run with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Kobe Bryant’s Championship Ring, Presented to Father, to Be Auctioned

Elgin Nelson

Kobe Bryant’s 2000 NBA championship ring, initially gifted to his father, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, is now being auctioned by Goldin Auctions, with the current leading bid at $94,000. Notably, it’s the same ring Bryant and his fellow Los Angeles Lakers received upon winning the championship, although it’s not the executive ring given directly to players. Bryant ordered an additional ring to gift his father, making this the only one he ever gave him. The ring, made of 14 karat gold with 40 diamonds, bears Bryant’s name, the Lakers’ regular-season and postseason records, and the inscription “bling bling” along with the year 2000. Despite the sentimental value, this isn’t the first time memorabilia gifted to Bryant’s parents has appeared on the market, with a past lawsuit limiting the number of items that could be sold. 


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