Inglewood Set to Close Five Schools 

Elgin Nelson

Citing a decrease in enrollment, the Inglewood Unified School District has announced the closure of five schools by the conclusion of the 2024-25 academic year. The affected schools include Hudnall TK-6 Elementary School, Highland TK-6 Elementary School, Kelso TK-6 Elementary School, Crozier Junior High School, and Morningside High School.

The district’s superintendent, Dr. James Morris, emphasized that the “data tells the story” during his address to the district’s community.

“Simply put, we’re operating more schools than we can afford to operate,” he said. “We need to close some schools to remain competitive, improve instruction, and repair the schools that will stay open.”

Over the past two decades, enrollment throughout the district has dropped significantly, plummeting from 18,000 students to just under 7,000. Since 2019, the district has already closed three schools.

“I understand that a school is more than a building,” Morris said.”It’s a place where memories and relationships have been made. A place where dreams have been realized and generations of families have attended. In order to get our financial house in order and wisely invest taxpayer dollars, these decisions are necessary.”

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