Judy Chu: Why I voted against the resolution ‘denouncing the horrors of socialism’

I was disappointed to read an editorial that referred to fellow progressive Congressmembers from Southern California—including Reps. Norma Torres, Nanette Barragan, Robert Garcia, Mark Takano, Jimmy Gomez, and Brad Sherman—and me as “foolish” for our recent vote against an anti-socialism resolution in the House of Representatives.

Even more disappointing:  the editorial board failed to include why any of us chose to vote against it.

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Members of Congress have profound power to work on behalf of the American people but a finite amount of time to do so. The non-binding resolution by the new Republican House majority was a deeply unserious way to wield their power and use our time.

It insults our allies abroad that have democratic socialist governments.

During debate, House Republicans even rejected a Democratic amendment brought by Rep. Takano to ensure Social Security and Medicare were not targeted by this resolution, which shows their contempt for programs our seniors and constituents rely on to get by.

The House could be strengthening Social Security and Medicare, increasing economic opportunity, protecting our communities and democracy, and putting food on the tables of American families.

Instead of focusing on governing for the American people, House Republicans chose to advance this resolution to try to generate headlines like this editorial’s and score political points with the far-right that believes socialism in America is a threat and imminent.

Ultimately, because the resolution did nothing to address real issues facing Americans, I voted no.

Judy Chu represents the 28th congressional district of California.

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