LAPD Boosts Surveillance of Places of Worship Amid Middle East Conflict

Elgin Nelson

LAPD is actively monitoring the ongoing Middle East conflict by  increasing surveillance in places of worship across the greater Los Angeles area. This precautionary measure follows Iran’s deployment of a series of drones targeting Israel on Saturday, as a reprisal for an earlier consulate strike in Syria during early April.

“The LAPD is closely monitoring the developments between Iran and Israel. While there are no credible threats to Los Angeles at this time, we are committed to ensuring safeguards to houses of worship and sensitive areas throughout all communities in Los Angeles,” reads a statement issued on X.

“Collaboration with our law enforcement partners, religious institutions, and community leaders remains paramount in ensuring the safety of Los Angeles.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued a similar statement on X: “We are closely monitoring the conflict between Israel and Iran and working with our federal and regional partners to ensure the safety of our communities in LA County.”

Last week, Iran launched over 300 missiles and armed drones towards Israel in what the Middle Eastern nation termed a “justified response” to Israel’s consulate attack in Syria on April 1. Israel reported minimal damage from the attack, indicating effective defense measures.

Rabbi Noah Farkas, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation Los Angeles, characterized Iran’s attack as “alarming and unsettling.”

“The launch of hundreds of drones and missiles further underlines the fact that the people of Israel are under constant threat.” He said the Federation and Los Angeles Jewish community “stand in unequivocal solidarity with our homeland. We are working with our partners on the ground in Israel to ensure the people of Israel have our full support and the necessary resources.

“Our Community Security Initiative is closely monitoring the situation and working with our law enforcement partners to identify and protect our local community from any local threats. So far, no threats have been identified,” Farkas said.

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