Lawmaker with Southern California roots moves to expel Rep. Adam Schiff from Congress

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, a Republican member of Congress with Southern California ties, wants to boot Rep. Adam Schiff from Congress.

Luna filed a resolution this week calling for Schiff to be “expelled from the House of Representatives,” alleging that he has spread lies about former President Donald Trump. Schiff, the previous chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has accused Trump’s first presidential campaign of colluding with Russia.

Her resolution comes days after special counsel John Durham released the long-awaited 306-page report on the handling of the investigation into the ties between Trump, then a presidential candidate, and Russia during the 2016 election. Durham, who was appointed by then-Attorney General William Barr, criticized the FBI for its handling of the probe, saying it acted too hastily and relied on raw and unconfirmed intelligence when it opened the Trump-Russia investigation.

“Adam Schiff lied to the American people,” Luna said in a statement. “He used his position on House Intelligence to push a lie that cost American taxpayers millions of dollars and abused the trust placed in him as chairman.”

“The Durham Report makes clear that the Russian Collusion was a lie from day one, and Schiff knowingly used his position in an attempt to divide our country,” Luna said.

An outspoken critic of the former Republican president, Schiff has repeatedly alleged “evidence of collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign is “clear.”

“You can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion, pretty compelling evidence,” Schiff said in 2019. “There is a difference between seeing evidence of collusion and being able to prove a criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt.”

In responding to Luna’s resolution Tuesday night, Schiff maintained Trump is “the most unethical president in history.” The Burbank Democrat said “extreme MAGA forces” will “go after anyone who defends the rule of law.”

On social media, Schiff used the resolution to ask his supporters to donate to his U.S. Senate campaign.

Luna was born in Santa Ana and raised in Southern California, often referencing her upbringing on the campaign trail. A freshman who considers herself part of the “new GOP,” Luna represents a Gulf Coast district in Florida.

Knowingly using your position on House Intel to push a lie that ripped apart our country, cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and authorized spying on a US President and then proceeding to double down on the lie within days of the Durham report coming out makes you unfit for…

— Anna Paulina Luna (@realannapaulina) May 17, 2023

Meanwhile, an effort to kick out Rep. George Santos, R-New York, from Congress is also underway in Washington, D.C.

Introduced in February by freshman Rep. Robert Garcia, D-Long Beach, a resolution to expel Santos was referred to the House Ethics Committee. Santos, a freshman member of Congress, has been charged with embezzling money from his campaign, falsely receiving unemployment funds and lying to Congress about his finances.

Expelling a member of Congress requires a two-thirds vote. If Luna raises what’s called a “question of the privileges of the House” on the floor to attempt to force a vote on her resolution — just as Garcia did this week — the House must act on it within two legislative days. For now, the resolution has been referred to the House Ethics Committee.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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