Legislative Republicans Condemn “Antisemitic Campus Disruptions;” Call for Reduced Funding

Bo Tefu | California Black Media

On May 1, California Republican lawmakers held a press conference at the State Capitol in Sacramento to denounce protests organized against the Israel-Palestine conflict that have been occurring at universities around California.

The lawmakers, led by Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) and Senate Minority Leader Brian Jones (R-San Diego), called the demonstrations “Antisemitic campus disruptions” that have interrupted the finals weeks of the semester at college campuses statewide.

The Republicans called on university administrators to “restore order” on campus for students to continue with their classes. Gallagher and Jones also floated the idea of cutting state-funded grants for students found guilty of engaging in unlawful activities and reducing funding to universities whose leaders fail to take decisive action.

“Their failure to control the illegal protests is unacceptable, particularly considering the substantial taxpayer funding allocated to our public universities,” said Jones. “If the Administrations continue to allow this lawlessness, we must take action to reduce or rescind their state funding. Taxpayers should not be bankrolling administrations that falter in upholding law and order on campus.”

Gallagher said that university administrators and Gov. Gavin Newsom have allowed the protests to escalate and have not taken action to prevent violence and unlawful behavior.

“Enough is enough. It’s time to stop enabling the radicals who think they are entitled to take over public spaces and stop people from getting an education,” Gallagher said. “It’s time to end the lawlessness,” he said.

LAPD officers arrested demonstrators at the University of California Los Angeles campus. The police also cleared an encampment set up by the demonstrators at the UCLA campus. Gov. Newsom condemned the violence that erupted between law enforcement and UCLA students.

“The right to free speech does not extend to inciting violence, vandalism, or lawlessness on campus,” he said.

The Republicans stated that Jewish students have been intimidated on campus and prevented from going to class. They called on university administrators to stop canceling classes and suspend demonstrators with real consequences or prosecution.

“The First Amendment guarantees your right to petition your government, it does not guarantee you the right to interfere with the free expression or freedom of assembly of others,” Jones said. “College campuses must ensure a safe environment for all, regardless of their beliefs,” he said.

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