Local progressive representatives oppose denouncing horrors of socialist regimes

A number of local congressional representatives were among those to vote against a congressional resolution denouncing socialist regimes last week. H.Con.Res.9 was introduced by Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar,  R-Florida, the daughter of Cuban exiles who had to flee socialist tyranny themselves. A journalist, she notably interviewed Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in 1995.

Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about the destructive nature of socialism. And, indeed, most people who have taken the time to understand the world are certainly aware of the brutal track record of socialist governments around the world.

Salazar’s resolution specifically called out the horrors of the Soviet Union, of Communist China, of the North Korean police state, the failed state of Venezuela, and of course, Communist Cuba.

Accordingly, the resolution called for a condemnation of socialism and socialist policies.

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The resolution was approved by a vote of 328 to 86, with a majority of Democrats (109) voting in favor of the resolution. This includes former Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, Adam Schiff of Pasadena, Rep. Pete Aguilar of Redlands, Rep. Ted Lieu of Torrance, and Rep. Raul Ruiz of Indio. These lawmakers not only recognize the horrors of socialism, but also had the political wisdom to vote in favor of the resolution regardless of any minor quibbles they may or may not have had with it. And yet, many local lawmakers refused to not only vote to condemn the horrors of socialism, but chose to vote against doing so.

This includes, surprisingly to us, the normally sensible Rep. Norma Torres of Pomona. It also includes Rep. Nanette Barragan of San Pedro,  Rep. Judy Chu of Monterey Park, Rep. Robert Garcia of Long Beach, Rep. Mark Takano of Riverside, Rep. Jimmy Gomez of Los Angeles, and Rep. Brad Sherman of Sherman Oaks, among others.

Most of the opponents have something in common. With the exception of Torres, they’re members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. But so are Rep. Lieu and Rep. Ro Khanna of Silicon Valley, both of whom voted for the resolution.

Just because one is progressive doesn’t necessarily mean one must also be foolish. Now we can sort that out much more easily.

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