Proposition 1: Ballot measure enshrining California abortion rights poised for victory

Proposition 1 has taken a commanding lead and appears to be poised for victory, as voters up and down the state back the measure.

Proposition 1, if passed, would amend the California state constitution to enshrine access to abortion and contraception throughout the state.

Democrats rallied around Prop. 1 to gin up turnout in a midterm election which otherwise may have been defined by troubling economic headwinds. Hillary Clinton even visited the Bay Area last month to rally support.

Prop. 1 backers, including pro-choice groups and the California Democratic party, say that enshrining abortion rights in the state’s constitution is essential after the the Supreme court overturned Roe v. Wade last summer, ending national abortion protections.

Groups opposed to Prop. 1, including pro-life groups and the California Republican party, say that the measure is unnecessary given the state’s already-existing protections for abortion access. They also claim the proposition is vaguely written and could expand access to late-term abortion treatments, though experts say that is untrue.

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