Recent Polls Show Growing Support Among Black Voters for Trump

Elgin Nelson, Staff

      A recent CNN poll confirms that former President Donald Trump is making headway in the Black community and is narrowly leading Joe Biden ahead of Election Day 2024 as the President’s approval rating hits a seven-month low at 39%. A recent survey by The New York Times and Siena College points to a split amongst African American voters in six key swing states. The survey indicates that 22 percent of African American voters are leaning towards backing former President Trump in the upcoming election, while a sizable majority of 71 percent seem inclined to endorse Biden.

      Considering that Trump secured only 8 percent of Black voters nationwide in 2020 and 6 percent in 2016, as reported by the Pew Research Center, the shift is being viewed as remarkable.

In fact, there has not been one Republican presidential candidate who has garnered more than 12 percent of the Black vote in nearly half a century. 

      Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster who worked for Biden’s campaign in 2020, expressed that the president had not sufficiently engaged with Black Americans and younger voters. “I don’t think we’ve been voicing what we delivered to the African American community and particularly among younger Black men,” she told the NY Times. “We have to get the numbers up and we have to get African American voters out to vote, and we have to get the numbers up with young people and we have to get them out to vote.”

      Black voters have consistently played a pivotal role in securing Democratic presidential victories. Their strong support, for example, in South Carolina in the 2020 election was instrumental in launching Biden toward the White House. In the general election, Black voters once more proved essential in securing his victory. 

      In a statement to the New York Times, Cliff Albright, a veteran progressive organizer and a co-founder of Black Voters Matter, said that Democrats had time to get back on track. “Black voters, he said, are responding to the same fears about economic and global uncertainty that many Americans are confronting.”

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