Remote pilots beware — drones not welcome at 2023 Rose Parade and Rose Bowl

Pasadena will welcome thousands of spectators for the 134th Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl — but the cops want them to keep their drones at home.

To keep people safe, with an added benefit of not annoying parade and game fans, a temporary flight restriction will be in place on Monday, Jan. 2.

During the parade along its 5.5-mile route, and from an hour before kickoff until an hour after a Rose Bowl winner is determined, no drone or other aircraft will be allowed in the airspace overhead unless special permission is granted, Pasadena Lt. Bradley May said.

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“You risk the chance of drones falling out of the sky, a pilot losing control — the chance of the drones’ lithium batteries catching fire, someone with nefarious intentions,” May said. “If someone flies high enough, they could risk crashing into an aircraft — the military flyovers, helicopters — bringing that aircraft down as well.”

The flight restriction, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration in concert with Pasadena police, extends 2,000 feet above the parade, and 3,000 feet over the stadium.

May said the city has had problems with drone pilots at previous parades, and that as more and more people take up drone flying there are plenty of operators who don’t know the law.

The flight restrictions were first issued for the parade and the game four years ago. If nabbed, the drone operator could face a hefty penalty.

The punishment for flying a drone in a flight-restricted zone can include up to a year in federal prison, a $100,000 fine and having your drone license suspended or revoked, said Ian Gregor, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman.

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