Southern California representatives take to Twitter during House speaker vote

All eyes were on Washington, D.C. Tuesday, wondering if the House of Representatives would elect a new speaker of the House now that it has a Republican majority.

Democratic U.S. Representatives from Southern California were ready for the drama.

About to go to the House Floor.

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) January 3, 2023

Republican Kevin McCarthy failed to get the necessary 218 votes to lead the body after three rounds of votes.

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Usually, representatives-elect are sworn in after a speaker is elected. They bring their children and grandchildren to the House chamber to witness their historic swearing in. But, on Tuesday, the chamber was filled with kids just waiting for anything to happen.

This baby was born on the first round of votes. He’s now 4 months old

— Rep. Tony Cárdenas (@RepCardenas) January 3, 2023

2 bottle feeds and multiple diaper changes on the Democratic cloak room floor. This speaker vote is taking forever!

— Rep. Jimmy Gomez (@RepJimmyGomez) January 3, 2023

At this point, Tibby will be walking by the time House Republicans figure out who they want to vote for.

— Congresswoman Julia Brownley (@RepBrownley) January 3, 2023

McCarthy got just 203 votes in two rounds — less even than Democrat Hakeem Jeffries in the GOP-controlled chamber — and fared even worse with 202 in round three.

took some quick video of Kevin McCarthy from the House floor.

— Robert Garcia (@RobertGarcia) January 3, 2023

Tensions rose as night fell on the new House majority, and all other business came to a halt. House members agreed to return at noon EST Wednesday, which inspired at least one Groundhog Day reference.

Motion to adjourn. No speaker yet, tomorrow it will be #groundhog day

— Rep. Norma Torres (@NormaJTorres) January 3, 2023

A speaker’s contest last went multiple rounds in 1923.

Today we’re kicking off the 118th Congress!

Yet, here’s my reaction when asked who the next Speaker of the House will be.

— Rep. Mike Levin (@RepMikeLevin) January 3, 2023

If only we took this many floor votes on immigration reform.

— Rep. Lou Correa (@RepLouCorrea) January 3, 2023

The Associated Press and SCNG staffers Jerry Berrios, Dorothy Elder and Jerry Rice contributed to this report.

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