This newspaper promoted pro-abortion rallies, but failed to mention pro-life rallies. Why?: Letter to the Editor

Re “Southern California women’s marches planned for Roe v. Wade’s 50th anniversary

Once again I have scoured the newspaper for balanced news about the recent anti-abortion rallies.

Your paper was careful to list protest locations to rally for what they call “basic human rights,” etc.

First of all, we shouldn’t have to keep bringing up the rights of the unborn who science agrees are distinct human beings from their host mothers.

“Let’s talk about their rights!”

Somehow the rights of the little human keep getting forgotten.

Whatever you believe about abortion, please try to report both sides.

In addition to the massive rally in Washington DC on Friday, there were indeed anti abortion rallies in many places including California, the largest being in San Francisco on Saturday, January 21 which saw approximately ten thousand participants.

Another large rally was in Los Angeles.

You can check out the reports about them at March for Life, Walk for Life West Coast, or even on CNN.

Did anyone on your staff even try to find any information on the other side?

It’s been three days now.  I was hoping to see better coverage this year.

– Carol Appel, Corona

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