Travel, grandchildren and In-N-Out: readers share plans for 2023

Happy New Year, readers. What are we looking forward to? That was my recent question to you all.

“The end of 2022,” replies reader/colleague Kristy Hutchings.

Says Lisa Schlick of Claremont: “I’m looking forward to leaving 2022 behind.”

Since today is Jan. 1, both your wishes are granted. Newspaper columns are magic!

I phrased my query like this: Name one thing in 2023 — mundane, serious or silly, your choice — that you are looking forward to with pleasure.

Response was high, and from a gratifyingly broad swath of geography. Your comments were a welcome burst of good cheer about the little things in life.

Shan Sweda, Rancho Cucamonga: “Graduating with my master’s in child and adolescent development! Two classes left.”

Ann Lara, Upland: “Graduating with my doctorate in May!”

Doctor Lara, I presume?

Kathryn Seeger Myers: “Traveling in our fifth wheel from Liberty Hill, Texas to Rancho Cucamonga to meet our new grandson in May.”

Carole Manly Bridges, Riverside: “Taking our son and granddaughter to Hawaii to celebrate granddaughter’s high school graduation and entrance into college. We are all so proud of her.”

Tyra Weis, Chino: “A trip to Paris to celebrate my retirement, and happiness and health for my family and friends.”

Imagine how much happiness they’d have if you took them with you.

Murray Gilkeson, La Verne: “A safe ride home on New Year’s Day from Sacramento and hopefully less traffic due to hangovers.”

Carolyn Hemming, Pomona: “Watching Notre Dame play Navy in Dublin, Ireland in August.”

Gina Solorzano Rodriguez, Montclair: “Visiting family in Idaho and fishing in the High Sierra.”

Christian Kueng, Ontario: “Looking forward to the launch of my new picture book ‘Digger the Colony Worker Ant.’”

I like the self-promotion.

Judy Gibson, Rancho Cucamonga: “Planting veggies and doing home maintenance.”

John Evans, high desert: “More EV charging stations, something we can all hope will improve in 2023. ‘If you build them, they will come.’”

Charles Bentley, formerly of Ontario: “A wetter year for the West. Snowpack is good, rain totals up, reservoirs and lakes filling. Hoping 2023 brings more of it and a greener hue.”

Ted Melendez, Chino: “Fixing up Baldy View Dog Park in Upland. They said it’s in the works.”

Ben Lopez of the Montclair City Council: “More civility, heavy on humankindness. Less of the hostility in public discourse. An elected official can hope, right?”

Janice Elliott, Upland, who lost her reelection bid to the City Council: “I am looking forward to having a lot less drama in my life. I am looking forward to many days next year with nothing on my calendar.”

At minimum, two of her Mondays a month will be freed up.

Chuck Olynyk, Pomona: “Ukraine’s victory and continued democracy.”

Douglas Corona, Perris: “The demise of Vladimir Putin.”

That may be more along the lines of wishful thinking for 2023, but I’ll allow it.

Bob Durkee, Pasadena: “Hopefully my first vacation in over 10 years!!”

Christy Gonzalez, Pomona: “Off to merry olde England to explore the castles and stand in rooms where history happened.”

Dot Cosentino-Phillips, Upland: “Taking our granddaughter to England in March to check out colleges!”

Maybe Dot and Christy will bump into each other.

Ronald Scott, Claremont: “My wife and I are going to New York in the fall. We are going to start in New York City and then end up at Niagara Falls!”

Candice Alvarez, Lake Elsinore: “I’m looking forward to traveling again: road trips, camping and international. We’re taking our daughter out of the country for her first time for her 21st birthday.”

Adrianne Woodward: “I’m looking forward to the In-N-Out 75th anniversary bash in October. I’ll be driving to Pomona all the way from Rancho Cucamonga.”

Get your passport in order, Adrianne.

Alicia Edquist, Downey: “Seeing my daughter finish eighth grade in person after starting middle school via Zoom in 2020.”

Susan G. Brunasso, Claremont: “I am looking forward to my husband working fewer hours next year! Mike has worked a 10-hour day for over 30 years and he is slowly cutting back on his very long day. So I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time with him!”

Lindy Maynes, formerly of Claremont: “Reading your posts!”

Matthew Keating: “I am seriously looking forward to reading your columns, posts, and blogs, with pleasure, in Claremont.”

Dave Coleman of Ontario: “Reading your column, of course!”

You three are setting the bar low for 2023. But thank you.

Elizabeth Adame, Riverside: “The most exciting thing I am looking forward to in 2023 is the birth of my first grandchild. My soon-to-be-born granddaughter, Amelia, is due at the beginning of March!”

Elizabeth, incidentally, answered my question about hopes for 2022 one year ago. Besides embracing positivity and generosity, she also wanted “to learn how to mix the perfect Mai Tai” in 2022.

Did she?

“Yes!” she tells me by email. “I even bought a cocktail shaker.”

Her recipe: 1 ounce dark rum, 1 ounce banana rum, 1/2 ounce triple sec, juice of one lime, drizzle of grenadine, shaken over ice in cocktail shaker.

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“I drink mine with the ice,” she confides, “but you can strain it out and drink it without if you prefer. Cheers.”

Rather than leave the rest of your responses on ice, look for more in Wednesday’s column.


An answer on “Jeopardy!” on Dec. 22: “A 2012 pilot program by police in Rialto, California used BWCs: body-worn these.” Correct question: “What are cameras?” Natural response to the above: Hooray, Rialto made “Jeopardy!”

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