What they’re writing in Denver as Nuggets lead Lakers 2-0

The Denver Nuggets took a 2-0 series lead in the Western Conference finals on Thursday night and the Denver sportswriters had some thoughts on where the series stands and the perceived disrespect the Nuggets are receiving. Here’s a sampling of what they’re writing in Denver after Game 2:

Denver Post columnist Mark Kizla is writing an obituary for LeBron James:

Kiszla: The King is dead! Long live the Joker! Nuggets turn narrative of Western Conference finals on its head.

Denver Post beat writer Mike Singer wrote about Jamal Murray and the thunderous “Beat L.A.!” chant near game’s end.

Jamal Murray’s 23-point fourth quarter stakes Nuggets to 2-0 series lead over Lakers

Denver Post columnist Sean Keeler writes, “The Nuggets are the dinner guests who won’t leave, the cool kids’ bad penny, a network executive’s worst nightmare, ornery and obstinate to the last.”

Keeler: Sorry, LeBron. Sorry, Anthony Davis. Nuggets, Bruce Brown aren’t going anywhere. Except to L.A. for their close-up with destiny.


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