Arianna Daniels

Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Focus January 2022

She is the sweet songbird from the South making new strides in the Southland at the historic Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church under
the newly elected leader- ship of her husband, Pastor
1 ( Joshua M. Daniels.
P Lady Arianna Daniels, originally from Beaumont,

Texas, has only lived in Los An-gelesfor a short time and yet has found familiarity with her new home. “Texas and L.A. are vastly different, but it has been an easy transition because the people have the same hospitality that we get in Texas,” said Daniels.

This middle child of three to a single mother was destined to be the showstopper. “If you let them tell it, I was the one always craving the most attention, putting up a fuss. I don’t remember it that way,” Lady Arianna laughingly says.

A teacher by profession, Daniels, is multi-gifted and foresees working in the youth ministry at her new church. She is a praise and worship leader and Bible school teacher both ministries she served, in previous years. Beyond all of that, she is a servant. “My mantra is to just love God and love the people”.

Arianna met her husband while they were youth
on an outing with their home church in Beaumont, Texas. She was singing with the praise team and he
1 was lead- ing the College Ministry. “He told me, you ( are going to be my girlfriend. I said, you are funny sir,” said Arianna. And now they have been married
for nearly ten years.

This expectant mother of two (a son and daughter) will be bringing home a newborn
baby girl this month to complete
her family of five. They have

learned to balance their home life
and min- istry very well keeping
2 things separate. (

“We all love to serve to- gether but we are inten- tional about having time when we go to the water- park, go bowling or catch

a movie.”

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