Sandra Williams

Evening Star MBC

Focus January 2022

Atrue servant of God, Lady Sandra Williams,
has been walking with the Lord since she was
a little girl. She is the first lady of the Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church where her husband
1 ( Rev. Keith Williams is the pastor.
P The baby of nine children, Sandra, has always had

a love for music and led her first solo at the age of four with her mom singing backup. “My mother intro- duced us to all kinds of gospel music and taught us how to play the piano as well,” she recalls.

Lady Sandra met her husband through a mutual friend while they were students in college. Her hus- band was leading the youth ministry at the time and they would soon become fast friends.

“Keith actually helped me see the real God we
( serve,” Sandra recalls.
The Williams’ served the Second Baptist Church

of Martinez, CA, for 21 years prior to moving back home to Evening Star–a church where her husband had a long family legacy.

“Evening Star,” she says, “was a new beginning for me.”

With a burden for teaching, Lady Sandra, led a Sunday school group of young girls that are now all grown up and has made such an impact on these 1 young women that now they have their own strong ( relationships with the Lord. “It is my greatest joy to
see them grow in the Lord,” Williams adds.

A 21st century visionary, she has a plan to bring mental health and wellness to
the inner city church and
for her it begins with

communication. “Can we just have

the real conver-
2 sations? That’s how ( we are going to reach
the young folk,”
states Lady Sandra
who is the mother four
adult children and a
grandmother to six.

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