Hate Incident: White Supremacist Letter to Legislators, AG Bonta Says Black Maternal Deaths Are God’s Will

Antonio Ray Harvey, Maxim Elramsisy, Lila Brown and Joe W. Bowers Jr.| California Black Media

A member of a White supremacist group wrote a racist letter addressed to members of the California Legislature and Attorney General Rob Bonta claiming deaths of Black mothers and children during childbirth are God’s will.

Earlier this month, the Assembly Committee on Health voted 12 to 2 to advance Assembly Bill (AB) 2319, the California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act, legislation crafted to address the high infant mortality among Black women.

Opposing that decision last week, a person claiming to be a member of two racist, White Supremacist organizations sent a letter to the office of Assemblymember Lori D. Wilson (D-Suisun City).

Wilson, Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC), is the author of AB 2319.

“I submit this letter in strong and vehement opposition of AB 2319,” the letter obtained by California Black Media stated. “We believe that every non-White birth in this state is a drain on the taxpayers and that any miscarriage or complication that results in death or defect of the mother, or the child, is God’s way of ensuring population control among Blacks and other minorities.”

Wilson said she and her staff were shocked by the raw hatred expressed in the letter.

“The recent racist opposition to our efforts to secure equitable health care for every Californian is not only offensive but deeply concerning,” stated Wilson.

“As the Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus, I unequivocally condemn these views, which are steeped in hate and ignorance. The language used in this letter is not only disgraceful but dangerous and has no place in our society or legislative discourse. I want to make it unequivocally clear: there is no place for hate in California.”

Wilson said she and other colleagues opposed to bigotry — including Republican members, who have also condemned the letter — “are committed to moving forward together, ensuring that our legislative efforts embody our unwavering commitment to justice, equality, and the safeguarding of human rights for everyone.”

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