New Anti-Hate Crime App Looks To Empower Victims and Witnesses

Elgin Nelson

With hate crimes on the rise across America, the Center for Freedom and Safety (CFS), announced the official release of its groundbreaking, anti-hate crime app, Sayfer. Designed as a sophisticated, yet user-friendly tool, the Sayfer app empowers individuals to document and report hate crimes, forging a crucial bridge between community members and law enforcement.

“The motivation is really around empowering the community to use their voice where in the past that has not happened with the community,” said Suzanne Brown, Executive Director of the Center for Freedom and Safety.”

“And in order to act against hate, in order to be an active participant and push back against the existence of hate, we have to empower the voice of the people to speak up and to speak out.”

The Sayfer app provides a secure and accessible platform where users can submit evidence of hate crimes through anonymous or identifiable reports. These reports are meticulously evaluated by a cadre of trained investigators who maintain a direct line to law enforcement agencies, ensuring that every claim is taken seriously and addressed properly.

“The great thing about Sayfer, it’s a tool that can be used completely anonymously, you can identify yourself, create a profile, or report anonymously. Either way, whichever way you choose to report, your profile is never shared with law enforcement,” said Brown.

With real-time notifications on local and national hate crime trends and comprehensive updates on submitted reports, investigations, and resulting arrests, Sayfer equips users with actionable information to stay informed and vigilant.

The Sayfer Anti-Hate Crime app’s launch is especially significant for communities long targeted by hate crimes, including Black, Jewish, and LGBTQ+ populations. The app sets a new standard in the fight against hate, promoting safety, accountability, and inclusivity that invites everyone to join the movement against hate to protect those communities.

“Every report funneled through our Sayfer app is a strike against the shadows where hate thrives, reinstating power into the hands of victims and witnesses. Our mission goes beyond merely tracking these heinous acts; it’s about weaving together the fabric of our community through vigilance and connection, thereby laying the groundwork for a future free from the fear of hate crimes,” said Brown.

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