Johnny Buss, Part-Owner of Los Angeles Lakers, Launches Presidential Campaign 


      Johnny Buss, part-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, has officially launched his bid for the 2024 presidential election. He made the announcement at the Kia Forum, the former home of the Lakers. Buss, who holds an 11% ownership stake in the Lakers and serves as their vice president of Strategic Development, looks to bring his experience in sports and business to his independent campaign.

      “Buss seeks to inject a fresh perspective into the political arena and unwaveringly commits to promoting peace, fairness, justice, and prosperity for all Americans,” said a campaign team member.

      The eldest child of former Lakers owner Jerry Buss, Johnny’s platform centers on education, empathy, integrity, and environmental protection. He aims to provide quality education for all children, promote understanding and compassion in policymaking, and advocate for sustainable environmental practices.

      “Education lies at the very foundation of my campaign,” said Buss. Ensuring every child has access to quality education regardless of their background is not only a priority but an imperative. We must equip our youth with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.”

      Buss’s platform also underscores his advocacy for environmental protection. 

      “We must protect and preserve our environment for future generations,” stated Buss. “A sustainable future is a top priority in my campaign, and I plan to implement policies that encourage the use of renewable energy, waste reduction practices, and promote a greener lifestyle.”

      Buss plans to lead his campaign with integrity and to bridge partisan divides, focusing on inclusivity and addressing societal inequities.

      In addition to his sports career, Johnny has excelled as a small business owner, in car racing, and in real estate, while supporting charitable causes such as AIDS research and fitness promotion. With a deep devotion to American values, he seeks to bring integrity back to the Oval Office and offer a unifying choice for voters.

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