South Central LA Launches New Lending Library Program, Providing Free E-Bikes


A new program titled ‘South Central Power Up’, is offering free electronic bikes through a new e-bike lending library pilot program designed to empower the South Central community. Up to 250 e-bikes will be available for free to provide a cleaner, more sustainable transportation option for South Central residents.

“We’re offering opportunities to folks that will allow them to have more autonomy and agency over their travel and commute,” said Lena Williams, program director for People for Mobility Justice.

For the first six months of the program until 09/30/2024, participation is entirely free. Following this period, a low-cost pricing structure will be introduced. To get started, you can complete a contact form listed here, where you will be asked to select one or two Community Partner Hub Site Location(s). 

These community sites are where you pick up your e-bike, accessories, get support for any program issues, and trade in your e-bike for maintenance. These locations are scattered all around South Central. 

The program provides mandatory bike safety training for all interested participants. This training is mandatory and there are exemptions even with prior experience. The training will teach participants how to safely use their ebikes. 

The training consists of short training videos, followed by a brief quiz, a skills course, and an in-person evaluation. Once the training is complete, instructions for how to pick up your bike from a Community Partner Hub Site will be provided.

“There’s a place for e-bikes within our society and our communities,” said Adé Neff, founder of ‘Ride On Bike Shop’ in Leimert Park. 

The initiative aims to address transportation challenges in South L.A., where reliable public transit is lacking, and air and climate pollution levels are disproportionately high. By providing affordable and eco-friendly transportation options, the program seeks to mitigate climate impact and alleviate financial burdens associated with traditional commuting methods.

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