State Announces New Action to Attack Organized Retail Crime in California

California Black Media 

      California Attorney General Rob Bonta, with retailers and online marketplaces representing a large share of retail and online business, signed an agreement committing to specific actions aimed at addressing the growing issue of organized retail crime.

      Organized retail crime refers to large-scale theft and fraud by individuals or groups who steal retail goods from the retail supply chain with the intent to resell, distribute, or return stolen merchandise for financial gain. In some cases, resale may occur through third-party online platforms. California and other states have seen a pattern of organized retail crime.

      The agreement will help advance information-sharing and detection of lost items from various stages of the supply chain, including cargo and retail goods, that may end up for sale in online marketplaces. 

      “The fact is, we are stronger when we work together as a united front,” said Bonta. “Organized retail crime costs businesses, retailers, and consumers — and puts the public at risk. This new partnership signals a robust and genuine commitment shared by the retail marketplace and law enforcement to crack down on these crimes. Whether it is law enforcement, online marketplaces, or retailers — we will not tolerate organized retail crime in our state.”

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